How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche in 20 mins (with 100+ Niche Ideas)

If you have clicked to read this article, then you might want to start blogging and you are looking for How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche.

You are not the only one searching for profitable niches in blogging. There are millions of searches for finding a perfect niche by beginners. And so it is because choosing a perfect niche can be the life-changing moment for any beginner.

A perfect niche can change your blogging career. It can make you successful or it can be demotivating if your niche doesn’t motivate you.

Sticking to a niche is more important than finding a niche because if you want to create a successful business in blogging career, then you must think twice before finalizing a niche for blogging.

There might be a dozen niche ideas in your mind which you think would be perfect to start blogging. In this post, I am sure that all your doubts will be cleared and my article might give you some help to find the perfect niche for your new blog.

In this post, I will explain to you everything about the types of niche, why do we need a niche, how can you write posts on your niche, and how to do keyword research in your niche which will help you to find How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche for your blog.

Bonus: I will also share 100+ niche ideas which will help you to find your perfect niche

What is a niche in blogging?

Let me explain to you the basic question that may come to your mind that what actually we call a niche in blogging.

A niche, in simple language, is a topic in which you are going to write articles, 
or a blog post in blogging.

A niche can be of two types

A Broad Niche

A Broad Niche means a broader topic in which you can write many sub-topics under the main topic.

Suppose you love animals and you would love to write about dogs. Then dogs can be a wider niche for your blog. Under this topic, you can write everything about dog care, dog food, dog grooming, and much more. Similarly, if you are interested in sports, then sports can be a wider topic for you in blogging.

Choosing a wider topic can be simple but there are some limitations that you must keep in mind

  • If you choose a wide niche, it would be very difficult for your blog to rank in Google because there is already so much competition in a wider niche, then it would be difficult for you to survive in that competition. It would be difficult for you to make money then you might quit blogging.
  • The second limitation of choosing a wider topic is that you might not be found by prospective consumers.
  • Email Marketing would not be easy.
  • You probably can’t handle more than one website based on a broad niche.

What can be the advantages of choosing a broad niche?

  • The most important advantage is that you can easily drill down further once you gain some traction. You can track your visitors on which topic they are more interested in, their likes and dislikes. Then you can focus on that sub-topics and your readers will be likely to remain with you for a longer time.
  • You would never get bored with your niche since you can write about many sub-topics under that wide niche.
  • You can get a huge traffic volume if you have relevant sub-topics.
  • You can have multiple affiliate products to sell on your website related to different sub-topics and so you have multiple revenue streams.
  • You can easily promote your new product if you already have an established authority website which will be much easier if you would have started from scratch.
  • You would be flooded with ideas since you have many products to write about. and it would be easier for you to continue creating income from your website.
  • You can outsource some of your content as you can easily find content writers who write on some specific sub-topics.

For example, if you have chosen to write about many sub-topics about dogs, but dog grooming seems very interesting for your readers and they digest more and more of your content related to dogs grooming then you can be sure enough to write more and more about dogs grooming. You can sell products related to dog grooming and your consumers would be happy to buy from you.

A Narrow Niche

A narrow Niche is the sub-topic under the wide niche. I have already explained the advantage of writing in a sub-topic.

Let me explain to you how much you can explore if you choose a narrow niche. Take the example of dogs.

There are hundreds of dog niche ideas that you can explore. Some of them are listed below

  • Dog Breed
  • Dog Foods
  • Dog Healthcare
  • Dog Clothing
  • Dog Collars
  • Dog Allergy
  • Dog Toys and many more you can search for.

What could be the limitations of choosing a narrow niche?

The most important limitations could be

  • Limited traffic volume, hence limited consumers.
  • You might get bored after some time if you only choose that narrow niche seeing the profits and traffic volume. You must be passionate about the sub-topic you are choosing. You must be more creative related to your niche so that your visitors get unique content every time they visit your blog. Before you engage your visitors, you must be first engaged and passionate about your niche topic.
  • There might be a limitation in properly scaling your business because your niche is narrow and there is less room for the expansion of your business. If you have enough time, you can create more websites related to other sub-topics if your visitors demand you to do so.
  • Writing about your narrow niche might not be an easy task for your content writers and you have to write your whole content on your own. This might be a small limitation because you can find someone to write your content as there are thousands of content writers and you can also find a perfect content writer after proper searching.

What are the advantages of choosing a narrow niche?

  • You can establish credibility
  • You can easily sell your products if there is less competition for your narrow niche products.
  • You can set your website in auto-pilot after you have completed your sales funnel and you can forget it.
  • Your Google rankings will improve, and ultimately your earning will increase if you can make an authority website.
  • You have your loyal visitors. Your visitors know where do they get complete knowledge in a sub-topic.

Before we understand How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche, we must know what is the need for a niche.

Why do we need a niche in blogging?

It is really simple to understand why you need a niche in blogging. If you have your audience lined up and you want to earn money by selling specific products to those consumers, you need a blog related to that specific niche.

For example, you run a motorcycle store in your town and you know who your customers are. You can create a simple website related to motorcycle parts and accessories. You can add details, features, and functions of various motorcycle products you want to sell on your website. Your customers would love to purchase from you if they are your loyal customers. You can add various discount coupons if you want traffic on your website and attract more customers to your website.

And the second reason is creating your own identity in your niche.

Now we know what is the need for a niche, now we can understand How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche.

How To Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche?

I have summarised in the following ways which might make your job simpler in finding a perfect niche for your blog

1. Brainstorm more and more ideas

How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche

  • Put your brain into work. Think about anything you can write your blog upon. Think about your interests, passion, your daily life habits, hobbies, and anything you can think upon. Some of the niche ideas might be sports, motorcycle riding gears, dating sites, self-development website, yoga, etc.
  • Think about your shopping habits. The products you use. Some of the niche ideas can be grooming products, hair care products, backpacks, electronic products, skincare products, fashion websites, etc.
  • See yourself around your home, your office. Think closely if you can write a blog about any of the things in your surroundings. Some of the niche ideas can be bonsai trees, kitchen care, foods related websites, home decor, interior decoration, astrology, furniture related website, etc.
  • Think about your magazines, newspapers you read. Think about a topic that you read often in a magazine, or in a newspaper. Some of the niche ideas can be new technologies, news website, Shayari website, celebrity news, Bollywood or Hollywood news, poems website, share market, finance, business news website, etc.

You must have come up with some niche ideas, note down those ideas in your notebook.

2. Question yourself to find that one perfect niche and how can you write a good blog post

Now ask the following questions to yourself, these questions will help you find one of the niches from the list of ideas you have

Question 1: Am I passionate about my niche?

How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche

You should ask yourself if you feel passionate about your niche because blogging is a long-term game and if you want to get successful, you have to play this game for a longer time.

If you really want to be successful blogging, you should ask yourself this question for every niche on your list.

If your niche is profitable but you are not interested in your niche, then you cannot continue blogging for the long run.

Choose a niche in which you enjoy writing about that topic.

Question 2: Are there other people who enjoy reading about my niche?

The answer to this question cannot be answered by you verbally, you should do proper research and find out.

You can visit Google Trends and find out

In the following example, I have selected two trends of two different niches which might be your niche

How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche

There is something that you should keep in mind

  • In the first topic “Dog Care”, you can see the last five years’ trend. This niche is ideally constant from the last five years because everyone wants to care for their dog and there is no perfect time or season in a year that we must take care of our pet dog.
  • If the “Dog Care” niche is running perfectly from the last five years doesn’t mean that this will work perfectly in the coming five years but you can take an idea of a niche from Google Trends.
  • The second niche I selected to compare with “Dog Care” is “Golf Cubs”. The average searches of the second niche are higher than the first niche.
  • Since Golf clubs are used to play Golf and Golf game has some seasons to play. So, in the golf season, it is more searched and purchased from some websites.

So, in this way, you can search from Google Trends and compare all your selected niches and find out if you can write blog posts in that niche.

Now a question arises

Question 3: How can I write blog posts in my selected niche?

How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche

When you have selected your niche and you are looking for how you can start blogging in your particular niche.

You can click on below link and know-how can you start a blog for beginners

6 Easy Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Beginners in 2020

Before writing a post, you must keep in mind that writing a blog requires a lot of hard work, time, and money.

How can you make your hard work, time, and money fruitful?

Just by writing a post after a full research on keywords. You must have heard about keywords research before that how much it is important for attracting a lot of traffic if your post ranks higher in Google SERP( Search Engine Results Page).

A very secret tip I can give you of how can you write blog posts is that

  • You can search for top websites in your niche
  • Do research on how they write their blogs?
  • Do they use free images, features images? Do they upload videos?
  • You can search for their content length.
  • In this way, you can write your unique blog by writing your blog post on your own, no copying from any website, and including all those things which the top bloggers have missed upon. This will not be easy but at least you can try. Work hard and smart and surely you will write a good blog post.

How do I know if my niche is profitable?

1. Keyword Research

How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche

Let me tell you in short of how you can make keyword research.

  • The best websites you can use for keyword research are Ahrefs and SEMrush. Since these are paid tools and you are a beginner so I would not suggest you buy their memberships. As you grow in blogging and you start making some money from blogging, then I must recommend you to use these websites for keyword research because these websites are perfect for keyword research. You can experience the awesomeness of these websites when you use them. These websites can help you grow your blogging career like a rocket if you really know how to do keyword research.
  • The second way, you can use Google Keyword Planner. This is a free tool for keyword research by Google. Keyword research is more authentic because all the data it shows on keyword research is based on the data of Google Search Results. It gives you a basic analysis like if you search for a keyword, it can show you a range of 100-1000 search volume or 1000-10000 search volume. You can get an idea from that range that your selected keyword lies in which range of search volume and how can you select that perfect keyword so that your posts attract more traffic from Google.
  • You can use many more free keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Keyword Surfer, Keyword Everywhere, and you can search in the Quora platform, which has billions of searches in a day.

2. Do you have any product (in your niche) that you can sell or how can I make money from my niche?

There are two kinds of products you can sell from your website- digital products and physical products. It depends on your niche that what kind of product you can sell from your website.

If your niche is digital marketing, then you can sell online courses, e-books, and much more digital products.

If your niche is about technology, then you can earn from affiliate marketing of physical products like mobiles, laptops, and anything from your niche. You can join the Amazon affiliate program and help Amazon in selling its products and earn a good commission from each sale. You can also join the CJ affiliate.

You can use Google to see the available affiliate program. Just type “your niche + affiliate program” and you can easily find all the affiliate programs and the website which offers affiliate products related to your niche.

If you have learned so much about your product, you can make your own product and make good chunks of money. You can sell your own products like online courses, e-books, etc, and make a lot of money.

Well, I am pretty sure that my article on How to Choose a Perfect Blogging Niche has really helped you in finding your perfect niche.

If you are still wondering, don’t worry I have a surprise for you.

Here are 100+ most popular and profitable niche ideas to get ahead from other beginners.

100+ Most Popular and Profitable Niche Ideas

  1. Health Blog
  2. Technology blog
  3. SEO and Digital Marketing blog
  4. Food
  5. Finance Blog
  6. Personal blog
  7. Travel Blog
  8. E-learning
  9. LifeStyle
  10. Ladies Products
  11. Baby Blog
  12. Home Decor
  13. Movie Blog
  14. Music Blog
  15. News Blog
  16. Investment Blog
  17. Fashion Blog
  18. Personality Blog
  19. Coding
  20. Artificial Intelligence
  21. Cloud Computing
  22. Weight Loss Blog
  23. Blockchain Technology Blog
  24. Startups
  25. E-commerce
  26. Fishing
  27. Skiing
  28. Camping Blog
  29. Trekking
  30. Toys
  31. Pet Supplies
  32. Online jobs
  33. Government Jobs
  34. Fitness Blog
  35. Electronics Blog
  36. DIY Projects
  37. Gadgets Review Blog
  38. Gadgets Compare Blog
  39. Automobiles Blog
  40. Arts and Culture
  41. Real Estate and Properties
  42. Yoga and Meditation Blog
  43. Gym Supplements
  44. Common Diseases and Cure(Like Diabetes, Blood Pressure)
  45. Crossfit Blog
  46. Dance Blog
  47. Zumba
  48.  Consultation Blog
  49. YouTube
  50. Insurance
  51. Banking
  52. Blogging
  53. Parenting
  54. Beauty Blog
  55. Make money online
  56. Weight Lifting
  57. Healthy Recipe Blog
  58. Daily Diets
  59. Motivational Blog
  60. Celebrity Net worth
  61. Lyrics
  62. Bollywood and Hollywood News
  63. Dental Health Blog
  64. Freelancing
  65. Dating Sites
  66. Relationship Blogs
  67. Motherhood
  68. Love Quotes
  69. Good Morning Quotes
  70. Festival Quotes
  71. Pet care
  72. Pet Strolls
  73. Interior Designing
  74. Astrology
  75. Survival Planning
  76. Gardening, or any hobbies blog
  77. Bonsai trees
  78. Ayurvedic Treatment
  79. Personal Development
  80. Car Care
  81. Motorcycle Care, troubleshooting and repairing
  82. Music lessons
  83. App Reviews
  84. Photography
  85. Language Learning blog
  86. Painting
  87. Photoshop Tutorials
  88. Video Editing
  89. Animation blog
  90. Psychology
  91. Stock market
  92. Cooking Blog
  93. Web Development
  94. Logo Development
  95. Bodybuilding
  96. Public Speaking
  97. Communication skills
  98. Golf Tutorials
  99. Software Development (App Development)
  100. Life Hacks
  101. Video Game Strategies
  102. Restaurant Reviews
  103. Cryptocurrency
  104. Scuba Diving
  105. Home Exercises
  106. Wedding Planning
  107. Event Planning
  108. Business Consulting
  109. Healthy Living
  110. Books Summary
  111. Book Reviews
  112. Sustainable Living
  113. Self Improvement
  114. Protein diet plan
  115. Boat Blog
  116. Running or Marathon
  117. Self Defence(Especially for girls)
  118. Social Media
  119. Cakes and Pastries
  120. Landscaping
  121. Living abroad
  122. Makeup
  123. Mental health
  124. Massage
  125. MS Office Tutorials
  126. Sewing and Knitting
  127. Time Management
  128. Drones
  129. Movie Downloading
  130. Home Improvement

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What is a Niche? Types of Niche? Why we need a niche for a blog? How to Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche?

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I might be sure that till now you have identified in which niche you will start your blog today.

Before you start your blogging career, you must also know

Blogging as a Career? 20 Important Factors You Must Know for Blogging

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