A Complete Guide on WordPress vs Blogger: Which one is best? 12 Major Differences (2020)

Are you planning to start a new blog? Well, then you might have a very common question in your mind. WordPress vs Blogger: Which one is best?

You don’t need to worry anymore.

I will explain to you both WordPress and Blogger in detail, 10 major differences between the two.

All those differences can really help you to choose the best platform to start blogging today.


When you start early, you will begin to earn money early

Let’s begin with Blogger


Blogger is a free blogging platform, developed by Pyra Labs, bought by Google in the year 2003.

It is one of the easiest ways to start blogging for free.

You can start blogging from the Blogger platform in just 10 minutes.

WordPress vs Blogger

To start blogging in Blogger platform, you need to sign up with Google. For that, you need a Gmail Id.

You will get free hosting and free domain “”.

Search for Blogger, you will land on the home page of Blogger.

WordPress vs Blogger

After you log in, you need to “Title” to create a new blog, which is the name of your blog.

Then it will ask for “Address” for your blog, which is the domain name of your blog.

WordPress vs Blogger

Select any free theme and your new blog in Blogger is created successfully.

Now you start writing posts and publishing it.


No need for confusion between and

As I have already explained in the below table about 8 major differences between and with the help of a comparison table, you can check out

HostingSelf-HostedHosted by
CostFree but youhave to buy a domain and a hosting for using WordPress.orgFree
ThemesYou can install new themesNo option to install new themes
PluginsYou can install new pluginsNo option to install new plugins, there is in-built plugin like feature which you have to use
MonetizationYou can monetize in anyway you want like Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, etc.There is limited monetization options, like you can sell ads but it depends on your website monthly traffic
SEOFull control on SEOLimited control on SEO, since you cannot install SEO plugins
Site MaintenanceYou are sole responsible for maintenance of your websiteNo need to worry about maintenance. Their staff will take of your site maintenance, backups, updates, etc.
Custom DomainYou can set it up with a custom domain
You have to place your website under a sub domain(
Else you have to pay for custom domain

In this article, I have covered the 12 major differences between WordPress vs Blogger, which is because is the most popular, reliable, and easy to operate the platform and have great monetization options. Almost every blogger in the world is using

WordPress was started way back in 2003.

WordPress is a free tool and Open source for Content Management System.

For using WordPress, you need to buy a domain that you can buy from GoDaddy, BigRock, Hostinger, Namecheap, and many more.

You need to buy hosting which you can buy from HostGator, Hostinger, SiteGround, Bluehost, and many more.

WordPress has free themes and free plugins to choose from.

After you buy a domain and hosting, you can easily install WordPress on your computer.

The above topic will be better understood when I list out the differences between the two.

Coming back to our main topic, “WordPress vs Blogger: Which one is best?

12 Major Differences: WordPress vs Blogger

1. Need

Before we dive into the other major differences between WordPress and Blogger, let’s first discuss your need that what is the need for a WordPress or a Blogger platform for a beginner, which also differentiates a WordPress from a Blogger

You can choose the Blogger platform for blogging if

  • You want to learn the basics of blogging for free.
  • You have already made up your mind to choose blogging as a career, but you don’t have enough money so you can start blogging in the Blogger platform, and later you can shift to WordPress.
  • You want to start blogging as a side income, or another source of income. Most of the bloggers have started bloggers for fun, and later they started earning income then they shifted to WordPress because of many limitations in the Blogger platform. So you can also make money.

Else if you have some money to invest and you have enough confidence that you can make some money from blogging, I recommend starting blogging on WordPress.

Until and unless you invest some money in buying a domain and hosting, you might not be interested in continuing blogging for a long time because blogging might be a boring task when you don’t earn money from it.

First, you need to know your need and you can take a quick decision about which one to choose.

2. Design and Layout

There is a much difference in the design and layout of WordPress and Blogger.

Both WordPress and Blogger are easy to use if you are well versed in the operations of a computer.

No one is born as a blogger. You need to learn some basics of blogging like updating essential pages, publishing posts, themes, and plugins (in WordPress) which you can easily learn as you start practicing.

In the case of Blogger, when you log in to Blogger and you submit your Gmail Login details, you will find the below dashboard of the blogger.

WordPress vs Blogger

You will find several tools in the left toolbar section such as Posts, Stats, Pages, Layout, etc.

You need to start writing something you are interested in and passionate about which you would like to share with your audience and hit publish button and your first post has been published in a very easy way.

There are some limitations with Blogger which we will learn later in this article.

Whereas in WordPress,

You will find this following dashboard in WordPress

WordPress vs Blogger

You can see the clear difference between the layout of WordPress and Blogger.

You see a long list of a toolbar in the dashboard of WordPress which you aren’t easy to use but you will find it easy as you start blogging in WordPress, as there are a lot of tools you can use in WordPress.

I hope I am going well with WordPress vs Blogger.

3. Easy to use

Blogger is easier to use than WordPress because of fewer tool options available in Blogger.

However, WordPress is not much difficult to operate. In WordPress, you get various features that you can understand one by one, and when you implement all those features in your blog post, you get an SEO optimized post which has better chances of ranking in the top 50 in Google search results.

With the practice of some years, you rank in the top 10 search results on Google, which will be very difficult for you if you prepare your blog post in Blogger because in Blogger there is no help to make your post a complete SEO optimized post.

So, if we talk about writing a simple post, there is no much difference in WordPress and Blogger, both are user friendly and easy to use.

4. Ownership and Control

A blogger website is like a rented house in which you don.t need to pay any money but you don’t own the house too where Google is the owner and your website will be hosted on Google.

A WordPress website is like a purchased house where you own the house and you have full control of your home.

You will be responsible for everything happening good or bad on your website and you can improve may things on your website with the help of exclusive features available on WordPress.


In simple words, you have ownership over your blogs in Blogger, because Blogger is totally owned by Google.

Google owns and has full control over Blogger because it is their product.

Google can anytime delete your account without giving you a warning, without giving you any reason or any explanation for their actions.

Google has a history of shutting down many websites of Blogger, even the websites which were existed for 10-15 years.

After Google shuts down your website, you can no longer retrieve your website data.


While in WordPress, you have full ownership of your website, because you purchase a domain and hosting and your website will be hosted on your purchased hosting provider.

It is you who decide when to run and when to shut down your website.

In WordPress, your data will be stored in your purchased hosting.

5. Theme

A theme is like a home, and your blog posts are like rooms in your homes. No one will enter your well maintained beautiful rooms if outside your home doesn’t’ look attractive.

Whether you make delicious food in your home or your behavior with everyone is good. It doesn’t matter until and unless you have an audience to whom you can serve.


WordPress vs Blogger

As you can see above is the theme page of Blogger.

In Blogger, you get very few options to customize a free theme on your website.

A theme plays a very vital role in attracting users and engaging them in your website.

The major drawback of themes in Blogger is that here themes are not desktop and mobile-friendly which will surely affect your traffic.


WordPress vs Blogger

As you can see the options for WordPress themes.

The themes are free, desktop friendly, mobile-friendly, and SEO friendly too.

It has numerous theme options. All you have to do is to select your favorite theme, install, and then activate it in your WordPress blog and you get a beautiful theme for your website.

You also get options for installing the premium theme for your website but I recommend you to go for a free theme since you are now only a beginner and you can’t afford a premium theme.

Don’t worry, you will get maximum features in the free theme also which will be more than enough to run your website.

6. Plugins

Plugins are small Softwares, which are being installed on a self-hosted website that adds more functionality to your website. There are thousands of plugins for various purposes like security, speed, website designing plugins, plugins used to include a table of contents in your blog post, and many more uses of plugins.


There are no options for installing plugins in the Blogger platform. That means you cannot automate may things on your website.

Plugins can help you write a unique post, secures your website, do SEO for your blog post, and many more functions. So you are lacking plugins, you may lack many features that affect your traffic and user experience.


WordPress vs Blogger

In WordPress, you can install and activate free plugins which makes your blogging work easy.

There are premium plugins that are paid, but you don’t need them when you are a beginner.

I recommend you install free plugins, as these have unique features that are sufficient to help you in blogging.

It seems WordPress is dominating in WordPress vs Blogger.

7. Security

Having a secure website is a great blessing for any blogger or a website owner. If you are planning to own a website, you must first plan how to secure your website from potential hackers, malware, viruses, and data theft.

Google will prefer your website to rank high and your visitors will also be happy to visit your website if your website has the ultimate security features.


As I have already mentioned earlier in my post, that Blogger is owned by Google.

Google hosts your Blogger website, which is an ultimate pleasure for any new blogger. Google has the best security features for its blogger websites and you don’t have to worry about the security of your website.

This is one of the major reasons a new blogger starts with his first website in Blogger because he doesn’t know how to secure his newly made website.

After gaining some experience, you can shift to WordPress after learning about securing your website on your own.


In WordPress, you can install plugins available for free which secure your website from hackers and malware, spams, etc.

You will be solely responsible for the security of your website, so better choose the best plugins in the market like Akismet, Wordfence Security, and many more.

Plugins also come with paid installations that are premium, but I recommend you to go with free security plugins.

You can go with premium security plugins after your website grows.

8. Customer Support

Customer Support plays a very vital role for the best user experience. Weak customer support may lead to losing potential users of that product.


WordPress vs Blogger

Blogger doesn’t have a strong support system.

There is limited support available by Google.

User’s forum is available as shown in the above image, in which you can ask for any help related to the blog’s settings, advertising, finding your blog in a search engine, etc.

Since it is a very basic type of help forum so you cannot expect a quick response from Google.


WordPress vs Blogger

WordPress has a very large community.

It has a dedicated forum for every feature in WordPress like themes has a separate forum and plugins have a separate forum where forum stays active and answers all the relevant questions you can ask them.

If that doesn’t answer your query, you can ask your hosting provider to help you out in your WordPress query, if you have purchased hosting on SiteGround, Bluehost, or any other hosting provider, there is a dedicated expert team who can help you in solving your queries.

Else, there are companies that provide premium services to help you out in WordPress.

9. Shifting to another platform

There might come a time when you want to shift your blog with all your content and data to a new host.

So, you must keep in mind that “WordPress vs Blogger”, in between these two platforms which platform serves you an easy way to shift your hard work to another platform.


In Blogger, shifting of all your posts and data is possible but it is not an easy task.

It also depends on your blog size that how much time it will take but you don’t have to worry about losing any of your data since all your data is stored in Google server.

But one thing you need to worry about your website ranking and traffic to your website because when you shift to a new hosting provider, your website might get affected in ranking and traffic.


While in WordPress, if you want to change your hosting provider, your new hosting provider will take care of all your shifting.

There is a step-by-step guide that you have to follow to avoid losing any of your data with no downtime.

Your website might have a risk of temporarily inaccessible to your users, loss of sales, and search engine rankings, so you should think before shifting that again you don’t need to shift anytime soon.

I hope you are getting an idea of WordPress vs Blogger.

10. Search Engine Optimization

There are two kinds of SEO you can do for your blog posts. One is On-Page SEO and the other is called Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is the optimization of blog posts to rank higher in search engines and attract more traffic to your website. It includes proper focus keyword, internal linking, title readability, and much more. The most popular plugins to use for On-Page SEO are Yoast SEO and RankMath.

Off-Page SEO is the optimization technique that you do outside your website to improve search engine rankings. The most important Off-Page SEO technique you can do are link building, Social Media Marketing, and Brand Mentions.


There is no way that you can do a proper SEO in your Blogger platform.

You cannot install any plugin in Blogger to do On-Page SEO. You have to do it yourself. There is no SEO plugin to help you out.

But there is one way out.

You can use keyword research tools like Google Analytics, Google Trends, etc to come up with such keywords that have higher volume and higher CPC(Cost-Per-Click) and you can improve your On-Page SEO.

Since Blogger is Google’s platform so it might be easy for you to rank in Google search results but as you change your hosting provider, you have to start from the beginning with a new hosting provider.


WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS(Content Management System) powering more than 34% of all websites.

It is easy for you to work on your blog post’s On-Page SEO since there are numerous plugins you can take help from.

You can install and use plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math and many more to do On-Page SEO.

These plugins give you the exact idea that your On-Page SEO is improving or deteriorating and all the important factors which if you follow strictly can help you to improve your On-Page SEO.

11. Cost


Blogger is a free platform owned by Google.

To create your blog in Blogger, you will just require a Gmail Id through which you can log in. Then you just need a title, domain name, and a theme for your blog.

That’s it!!

Your free blog on Blogger is all set up and now you can start publishing posts.

You don’t have to spend a single penny for creating your blog.


While in WordPress, you will require a domain and hosting which will cost you some money.

But you must think of this as an investment in yourself.

Until and unless you invest in yourself, there are lesser chances of you to grow. The same applies to WordPress, investing in WordPress will be worth it when you start making money from your blog.

Now let me explain to you how can you make money from your blog.

12. Making Money

This is the major reason why blogging is booming from the last decade. You get more motivated to work when you get paid.

For making money from blogging, you need patience, consistency, hard work, and some smart work.


In Blogger, the money-making opportunities are Google Adsense, sponsored content, sponsored text links, banner ads, affiliate links, etc.

Most of the bloggers have the misconception that Blogger has good rankings in Google because Blogger is Google’s product but this is not really true because you must not have seen the blogger websites at a higher ranking in Google.

If any blogger website is at a higher ranking in Google, that might be because of the low volume keyword. You can easily outrank that blogger website with your WordPress website because Google prefers premium domain names.

This could be a disadvantage of having a blogger website.


In WordPress, you have infinite no. of sources to get income.

All those income sources which are in blogger platform like Google Adsense, sponsored content, sponsored text links, banner ads, affiliate marketing including you can create your own e-commerce store on WooCommerce and start selling your own digital products like e-books, online courses, or you can also sell physical products after you set your online store.

Because of better layout, design, and themes in WordPress, visitors are more likely to visit a WordPress site and you can gain huge traffic volume which ultimately gives you higher conversions.

You can do email marketing with the help of plugins available in WordPress.

There is a lot more you can do in a WordPress site, a lot more revenue you can generate you can’t even imagine.

Conclusion on WordPress vs Blogger

Every new blogger wants to start his blogging journey for free, but a free thing is not always good. Starting on blogger is not a bad idea, but if you are doubting that you might fail to earn money from blogging and your investment in hosting and domain will be wasted. This is a wrong misconception.

To begin blogging, you must have belief in yourself and your hard work, then you can achieve and earn beyond your imagination.

This article gives you a complete idea that you must not be confused about what to choose to begin your blogging journey: WordPress vs Blogger.

You must be sure of which platform you should choose and which platform can give you a better earning opportunity.

You must think of why blogger shift from blogger to WordPress, why not from WordPress to blogger.

The simple answer is more earning opportunities in WordPress. Many authority websites prefer to offer their products or services to be featured in a WordPress site rather than a Blogger platform.

I was never confused about choosing between WordPress and Blogger because I am sure that in the future I will make a lot more money than I invested in buying a domain and hosting.

I conclude that you must buy a domain and hosting and start your blogging journey with WordPress so that when you invest money in a business, you put your heart in that thing otherwise free things has no value and you might fail.

What else can be the pros and cons of a WordPress or a Blogger platform which I missed to explain in this post?

Please answer me in the comment section below

Keep Blogging!!

Keep Sharing!!

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